Tuesday, August 3, 2010

let me upgrade ya!! Nomad•ness has moved...

We're moving on up!!!

Hello my Loves! So I've been busting it down over here in NYC, prepping for a new set of travels at the end of the month, and building a new site!
It's here, still in the beginning stages, but definitely here! It's a one stop shop for all the videos, blog, and photography from around the world!
Bare with the construction site that is the new home, and love the new look! Continue with me on new travels! You've officially been upgraded...

Nomad•ness has moved to !

Come show love and support!

Friday, July 30, 2010

beach or bitch: weight loss revisited

I'm prepping for all this travel stuff again. The usual:

  • trying to acquire as much money as possible, in as short a time as possible
  • subletting the apartment
  • packing the apartment so the sublet actually has a place to live (that'd be nice)
  • dealing with emotions of leaving the boyfriend, cat, family, and friends
Nothing out of the norm, until today. As I was hitting the pavement with my sneakers, for my 'daily' run around the neighborhood, I realized that the final three countries we're debating on going to for Jet Set Zero all are going to involve ridiculous amounts of beach area.

We'll probably be walking around half naked, three quarters of the time. I need to get my ass into shape.

I'm revisiting (and re-posting) the past photo of my before and after losing 47 pounds. In a very honest and vulnerable move, I submitted it as my first blog entry to Jet Set Zero. You can view it, in all it's glory HERE!

I encourage you to check it out and comment on it! I am always interested in people's feedback in regards to their own weight loss and weight gain stories. After posting these up, I tend to get contacted about it and it feels good to see hard, grueling, excruciating work truly pay off. The inspiration I give others is unbeatable.

So, I figure, fuck it, you all are going to be following me around with cameras 24/7 for 3 months, let's deal with the honesty straight from the start.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Nomad•ness+Evierobbie+Jet Set Zero TV

As of today, I've been officially initiated into the world of Jet Set TV!

So far I have been introduced to one other cast mate, Tyler from LA. We've been scouring our maps and picking each others' brains as to potential new homes for three months. It's happening... enjoy the ride!

Check my intro blog on the site and leave your message of motivation for me on Jet Set Zero's site (or here)! Love you guys! Introducing me HERE!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

come play with me...

Ok, so I've been blasting about how psyched I am to have been chosen for the upcming season of Jet Set Zero! I even solidified the sublet of my apartment today! Things are moving I have a surprise for you guys. Why don't you join me?

Casting! Casting! We're opening up applications for our next season (8) of Jet Set Zero! If you want to live, work, and travel abroad - with all of your adventures documented in stunning HD video - check out the info page at

Sunday, July 18, 2010

a good deed...

The last month has been that of many us and downs in life. Celebrating my new casting with Jet Set Zero as well as dealing with the passing of a close friend. Today marks the one month mark of Rudi's passing. This month has gone by extremely fast.

On this one month mark, I am going to ask a favor of everyone...if you can spare even $1, please donate to the Joseph family to help pay for his funeral services, as well as his family. Rudi was the breadwinner in his family and supported so many relatives as such. His mother has been on disability for years and could use all the help she can get. In this name, Team Genius has been selling T-Shirts as well as awesome new "WWGD" (What Would Genius Do?) wristbands. Check out the merchandise at

In addition to the cause I'm helping spread for Rudi, I got a message from an online friend who recently had their 8-year old godchild pass of a rare form of cancer. She was a vibrant beautiful young woman and the family is asking for anything that can be donated. See details at Kel's website to make donations HERE.

I truly appreciate everyone's efforts, prayers, and help. Please spread the word. I promise the blogs over the next few weeks will be more upbeat. Be grateful for everything and everyone you have!

Peace and Love!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Evierobbie+Jinesis+Nelson Estevez+Akira Adel= Lonely Toss

So, on a Sunday afternoon, my friend Music producer Jinesis...his muse Akira Adel...and my boyfriend got together to make a music video about love filled with uncertainty, and me in the Director's seat. Check the video below and be sure to peep everyone's twitter!


Lonely Toss featuring Nelson Estevez and Akira Adel from Jinesis on Vimeo.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

the minds of babes...

Upon my return to New York City, especially the Bronx, there were a few characteristics of the area that I was apprehensive about witnessing again.
Let me preface the girth of this blog by saying that the mind of a child is a precious and extremely malleable thing. What you put in it is very much what you get out of it.
In thinking of my future children (years from now) I put emphasis on making sure the first time that they hear they're beautiful or gifted, is not from a stranger but from their parents...with that.

I've seen a number of accounts, since being home, of children being mentally and verbally abused in public. It is a sick trend in these here parts of the 'hood' and few things crawl underneath my skin and ignite the wish for bodily harm upon another individual. Some of this city's occupants and the way they talk to their children and grand-children is baffling and disgusting. Beautiful, innocent, being told publicly that that "ain't shit" and "won't ever be shit" has done everything except draw me to tears and blows. I can't take it anymore.

This particular incident happened on the "D" train. what appeared to be a grandmother and granddaughter duo sat in front of me as I traveled to work. From the moment they sat down the grandmother was complaining to the little girl.

"You need to stop acting like a tomboy. No man will love you with all the scratches on your clothes."
"I ain't never buying you shit ever again. I bought you a whole thing of hair clips and now you only have two left."
"I'm so sick of you. Don't even talk to me before I smack you in the face."
"You make me sick. I'm so tired."

It was one psychological hit after another. I looked at this silent girl's face and I could see her turning into a mental punching bag for this evil bitch sitting next to her.

The little girl was gorgeous. Light-skinned, sandy brown hair, hazel eyes, and a tomboyish style that not for one minute overshadowed the fact that she was gorgeous, while her grandmother sat there toothless and miserable. I could see her mind mentally filing and registering every negative comment. I could see the layers of distorted self images being built, right through her eyes. I was furious. I wanted nothing more than to tell her how beautiful she was.

The train approached 145th Street. They got up to get off, with a man who'd tried unsuccessfully to catch my eye prior, sat down.

"Oh wait," said the grandmother,"next stop."

Switching their position, the little girl sat directly next to me and the grandmother across. I looked at the girl and smiled. She smiled back. Screeching to a stop at 125th the little girl gets up, preparing to exit, and without thinking I looked her in the eye and spoke.

"You are beautiful," I said.
"Thank you."
"You're gorgeous and don't you ever forget that."
She smiled, "Thank you."

In my mind, I wanted to save her from her own involuntary hell.

Feeling good about my good deed, yet that it was not enough to balance out the emotional genocide her grandmother was unleashing, I hoped it made a difference. I hoped in her toughest of times she remembered the stranger that told her what someone in her family didn't.

"She's beautiful, but not as beautiful as you," said the asshole that didn't understand the significance of the recent moment.

"No. No one is more beautiful than that girl," I sternly responded then began writing in my journal. This man was looking for the right line at the wrong time...tough break.

Friday, June 25, 2010

an international favor....

I am nervous about the next fifty hours. Rudi, I need your help to be strong with this one babe! Finally laying you to rest is going to be one of the hardest things I've had to do in life, thus far.

I need and international favor.

Through my world travels, I've accumulated a plethora of friends of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Today I ask, my friends from Japan, India, London, Paris, Germany, Brazil, and all over the States today to go to every temple, shrine, mosque, church, beach, DJ booth and say a little prayer not for Rudi's death, but his life!
Thank you!
धन्यवाद !

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Evierobbie+Homeboy Sandman+Okayplayer

This is what happens when one of the dopest underground emcees in NYC, Homeboy Sandman
And one of the coolest photographers in NYC, Evierobbie Media (me)...
Get together with one of the most well recognized true hip hop platforms on the net Okayplayer,
and make magic...

As the email he sent me read....we're famous!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

one with the Universe...

(I warn, this may be hard to read. Not as hard as it was writing it.)


Walking home from a day of long hours, on a shoot tonight, I realized I'd be by my computer around 12:45am tonight. From the newspaper articles I've been reading on your death, that was the same exact time, forty-eight hours ago, when you died. I remember being on the phone with Nelson, talking about following our life's passions, exactly forty-eight hours ago, not knowing you were in Norwalk taking your last ride.
The newspaper also said that your motorcycle (which many people, including myself didn't know you'd purchased) hit a curb, became airborne, and landed in an intersection. You didn't have a license for the bike, nor were you wearing a helmet, and your were pronounced dead on arrival. These are the facts...
Rudi, I'm angry. I'm livid. I'm pissed because deep in my heart I feel this didn't have to happen. I don't know what made you purchase the fucking thing, nor do I know what made you get on it forty-eight hours ago. All I know is you are gone...
I've been trying to use detachment as a way of coping with this all. It's still so surreal. I would deflect my sadness onto others I saw as being closer to you than I...Fedler, Tommy, Jimmy, your family...I would say things to myself like, "But they must really be feeling it." Yea, well bullshitting myself has officially ceased because in reality, few people were as close to you as I was.
I have been fortunate enough as to have you in my life as a best friend, BEST FRIEND all through college, lover, and boyfriend for a short while. Few people on this Earth know my ins and outs the way you do, and the love you had for me was unconditional, eternal, and sometimes scary. Just keeping it real.
I'm getting many messages from people, some I've never met, who are genuinely worried about me. I feel like I'm in a bit of a fish bowl and I was so close that it was too close. I feel like people see, or speak with me, and it's one of the closest connections they have to you. For some, it's too much to handle, especially if I break down.
Truthfully, I'm scared. I'm scared of myself and what my reaction(s) are going to be as time goes on. I'm terrified of the possibility of seeing your lifeless body, and trying to cope with the idea that I will not hear your voice, from you. I'm nervous to see Josh, Fedler, Kennedy...I am so fucking scared.
I cannot bring myself to write an RIP, or to sign a message like this on your Facebook page. Within hours, your updates and life, turned into a shrine of memories. I can't fathom that.
There are too many memories to name. We knew everything about each other and there are intimate moments that only you and I can recollect. Josh and I spoke about how you aren't going to be around to see him and Chanel wed. I told him about your 'affection' and how I still have it. I think I'm going to bring it to the wake.
Rudi, this is tearing me apart because I truly feel this didn't have to occur. You were on your way. It was evident to us all.
I truly feel, I can say that no one knows your passion for DJing like me. As you've told me on many occasion, I take the crown on that one. I may have bought that first lesson, but YOU kept going with it. You took it to another level. When everyone else thought you were crazy, you knew I was there and had your back 100%. That was how we rolled. I am so proud of you. And, in your passing, if there is one thing I am truly happy for it's that you are being noted as a DJ!!! That is your legacy. You would have it no other way.
In my eyes, you were always a DJ, but more importantly you were a best friend. You are now the most official guardian angel I could ever ask for. I don't worry because you can protect me now in a way far beyond the reach of anything you could have done while in your physical shell. You are now a part of the Universe that I would talk to you about in length. All my Law of Attraction talk, that you eventually started to play with on your own. You are truly one with the Universe. Forever.
I ask for you to look over me during your services. I really don't want to pass out, and you know how I do with the anxiety attacks. I remember you telling me that I got them because I was a genius, and I thought to much.
I ask for you to just give me strength and guidance through all future trials and tribulations, this one now...being you. Your energy is with me always. I love you!

V, Vivi, Verbal...Evita

Donations to his family can be made at

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sears Explore My America Contest

Here's some info, fellow travelers on an opportunity to travel the highways of America, get videotaped along the way, and win some cash and prizes. Apply for the official application HERE!

The program will run from July 11 through August 28, 2010. Over the course of the program, we’ll launch three road trip teams on different routes each week. Each team’s mission is to interact with people along their assigned route, capture interesting stories of unique personalities and places throughout their journey, and upload their stories to the program website.

As each team files content from the road (written stories, photos, videos, etc.), web visitors track their daily progress, comment and vote for their favorites. Each team competes against one another to create the most compelling stories and win cash prizes. The team with the highest number of votes for that week will be awarded the weekly prize of a $500 Amex Gift Card.

In addition, each week, the team with the most compelling overall content (as determined by judges) will receive a $200 Sears Auto Center Gift Card. Select teams may also participate in additional segments of the road trip beyond their designated segment for an opportunity to win more prizes. Web visitors will also have the chance to win daily for their participation.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Lost Girls

And the movement continues.....Nomad•ness has been making the connections lately!!!

The network, the Dream Team is building and I have some free swag I'm collecting to ship out to those around the world that want to become a part of the Nomad•ness movement. Train stations in NYC and Jersey have already been 'tagged'. I'm sure the NYC cleanup organizations love me right now. Shogonai! (It is what it is!)

Frankly, I've been busting my ass to get this blog out to every person, organization, group, and strangers that I feel can take something from it, as well as potentially help Nomad•ness build itself. Last night was major headway in that effort.

The first time I heard of The Lost Girls, I was in jury duty. A gentleman and I were talking about travels, as I drooled over his tales of backpacking Africa, I spit up on myself talking all about Nomad•ness. He dug it and also asked if I was familiar with these three women who had packed their bags a few years back, quit their jobs, left their boyfriends, and traveled around the world for a year, dubbing themselves 'the lost girls'.

Rewind back to last summer. I came home for a three week insert during my year in Japan/India and I wound up getting an invite to be an audience member for BET's Rising Icons. Psyched over the likes of Melonie Fiona, Kid Cudi, and Ryan Leslie, I had no idea that there would be two very important people in that greenroom with me. One being one of my India travel partners, Stephanie. The other being a lady named Whitney. Hours upon hours in a greenroom turn strangers into family, and conversation into networking. Whitney and I exchanged info and the communication commenced...on her end.

It wasn't until I returned from Japan, that I realized she had my old email address and had been checking up on me. To calm any potential fears of my disappearance, we got in touch. Drink dates went scheduled and canceled, then I got an email.

"Have you heard of The Lost Girls? I know one of them, Holly. She was telling me about her travels, and I told her about you. She wants to meet you!"


Within the last two weeks, I've been in touch with Holly, and last night I ended up at a mixer in Manhattan with a room full of young women world travelers, and enthusiasts. It was a massive breath of fresh air. I was in my element. My stickers were flying, business cards were gone, and the conversations lasted through two glasses of red wine and vegetarian spring rolls. With my signed copy of 'The Lost Girls', I was found again and again. Women who got me. Women who understood the need, the urge to keep going around this world. Check the lovely ladies out on their website HERE!

Holly, Jen, and Amanda I cannot thank you enough! Women it's time to support each other!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


I find, as a woman that craves independence under most situations, that when I am involved with a man I feel is worthy, I become domesticated. I begin doing things I'd otherwise not pay much notice to, like cooking.

Focus on the career building, dream creating, and positive progressions are now inserted with nights where I am, dare I say it, in the kitchen. This is nothing asked of me. To the contrary, I offer it up.

I feel that most women who usually run the show in their careers, and have that dominant personality, secretly crave for a man to bring out the domestic, stereotypically female traits, and even allow for them to show a submissive side.
I'm not against saying that, right now, I am her.

The conclusion to the month of May led to more than a few nights where I was tearing the kitchen down, with anticipation for catering to a man who has been on the go all day. I take pleasure in it. Yet, it's a rarity.

So much so, mid-conversation with my brother led to him asking me to REWIND and RESTATE what I was doing when I told him I was preparing dinner for my boyfriend. He laughed and sent a genuine congrats our way. It's been nearly five years since my last real relationship. So for me to be willingly in the kitchen, after a day of playing Superwoman, has to be something worth noting.

Am I the only one?

Friday, May 28, 2010

Nomad•ness Eps. 8: Taj Mahal

Nomad•ness Episode 8 takes us to the mecca of India, and one of the World Wonders, the Taj Mahal. This one monument was the whole reason this trip was planned in the first place. Join us as we deviate off the intended itinerary and end up in the desert on top camels...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Will and Jada Wisdom: a relationship business plan...

In a world of oversexed, overexposed, readily extinguished love affairs, marriages, and relationships, I have still held fast to the concept of the power couple. After not being in a relationship for the better part of the last five years, I find myself now trying to cultivate the roots to establish a power relationship of my own.

Three of my favorite people, two of which make up my proclaimed power couple (Will, Jada, and Oprah) were on Oprah discussing the approach they have taken to achieve a 12 year strong marriage, with three children, and envious careers.

My followers know I turn to Will for personal insight as well, but nothing beats their relationship knowledge.

Watch this clip from Oprah as they speak on the creation of their relationship business plan...I dig it!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Profile: Akira-Adel

Who is Akira Adel? (Teaser) from Jinesis on Vimeo.

Akira-Adel Profile
Writer. Video/Photo Editor: Evierobbie
Photos: EMA Photography
Coordinator: Jinesis
Location: HK Nightclub NYC

Some may argue that the world doesn't create women as it used to. With the recent passing of the likes of Lena Horne there’s a void presented by women whose legacies were based on a mix of class and spark, work ethic and dignity, a fighting spirit and natural beauty. Times have changed. Yet, the factors that produce the prototype of this type of woman branch through generations. Even Janelle Monae’s anticipated “Android” album gives a glimpse into the future, while preserving the rooted attributes of the past, within the performer. This is precisely what gives model, and entrepreneur, Akira-Adel her edge over the industry proclaimed competition.
A New Yorker, with both African-American and Greek ethnicity, Akira was born exotic. Currently represented by House of Dolls Management, she is best noted for her underground runway strut, infectious smile, high-fashion portfolio, magazine spreads, music videos, and work as a Bubble Girl background dancer for Raye 6. She’s got her hands in it all, and wouldn’t have it any other way.
From the age of fourteen, Akira’s unknowing fixation with the world of makeup would be the gatekeeper to her presently budding modeling career. As an adolescent she’d stalk the counters of MAC and study the ins and outs of makeup application and timing. This created a love that would bloom into a huge career asset during the production of runway shows and photo shoots.
Acquiring a fashion design degree from the Art Institute, the education aspect wasn’t left to dwindle on MAC countertops in Macy’s. Akira made it her business, to understand the business of fashion. Her relentless quest for hands on knowledge has put her in the position of model, make-up artist, and even show producer. She has a vision people trust.
Akira has the versatility to be the face of your brand, make-up artist for your talent, and producer for your runway show. That packaging is what she looks to catapult her career to the next, international, level. Within minutes of conversation, it’s apparent that Akira’s sights are going to require a passport. She’s currently searching for the right network connection to get her abroad, and shopped to modeling agencies outside the United States, with a personal emphasis on Asian markets.
Akira can be seen in Spaceball Magazine, the Bubble Girls calendar (months January, April, and August), the Shade of Black female art project, and music videos for both Scenario and Alejandro Sanz’s video featuring Alicia Keys titled “Looking For Paradise.” On a performance basis, she can be seen on stage with the ever eclectic, Raye 6.
For Booking Akira-Adel: Contact Rachel Seigel at

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lena Horne: Remembering a Legend

Class. Beauty. Love. Angelic Voice. Enjoy the old video of 'Stormy Weather'.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I'm back in NYC, after an amazing weekend in South/North Carolina. To be specific, I'm keyless, trying to get into my apartment, stuck in the corridor between my front door and the prison gate the leads to my actual apartment. Waiting and thinking...remembering my house has wireless.

In this empty hallway, I understand how full this weekend was. Many times I wanted to write through my journey, but felt the need to really be in it. Video footage was taken, and Nomad•ness will have a future treat for sure.

I am proud to have watched my younger sister accept her first college degree. Furman University, and their self-righteous crowd were blown to bits at the applause my family designated just for her. Donning an Africa cutout on her cap, Sarafina is officially a college graduate.

I haven't been down South in years. I believe the last time, I was dating Reg, and anyone who knows me personally knows that one has been done a long time ago. In reality it's been about six years. Six years since I've seen the old land plantations, heard that southern drawl I mimic certain family members for acquiring, since last witnessing the big bellies and fried heart attacks served on plates at restaurants, and most importantly since seeing my grandfather.

My roots in the South run deep. With my father as the unofficial family (and Black History) historian I've always been very aware of my ancestry. Down the street from my grandfather's home is the family cemetery. It acquired this label for generation after generation of Robinson and Brevard occupants.

Yesterday afternoon, my sister, grandmother, aunt, and I all drove down the street and walked through the tombstones of my great grandparents, great uncles, great aunts, and great cousins to name a few. This burial ground houses many of my relatives born in the late 1800's. It's not big, but it's well known.

Along with the cemetery, the road my grandfather lives on is jokingly called Robinson Road. Literally, an entire street, leading to that cemetery, is housed with my relatives, in some way, shape, or form. Our roots go deep...

But this particular weekend was not about the men. It was the women. From my sister being the honoree of the day, to Mother's Day, the women were the powerhouses of this weekend. Within the safe confines of the female discussion, I learned many things about my family that I didn't previously know. Some of the trails were worse than I imagined, while the triumphs were praised. My sister and I are only the second generation in our family....all those roots, to go to college. A particularly poignant moment for my grandmother who looked on as, this year, Furman also announced the 50th anniversary of the class of 1960. As one would imagine, there wasn't an African-American face in that crowd. During this visit, I learned a lot about my grandmother...her loss, decisions, and strength. This woman I've always been close too, amazes me more.

So I'm back. As per usual, trips to the South always mold me immediately after. With this trip so soon after returning from abroad, I now not only have a sense of the world but also my roots...

Friday, May 7, 2010


You are supposed to do at least one thing, everyday, that scares you.
What is the one thing you could do to test yourself, define yourself, push yourself, right now?
I am at a point in my life where I am aware of the preparation I'm enduring in order to be able to approach the opportunities that will set me up for the rest of my life.
The rest of my life...such an vast time frame.
Everything is happening as it should. The Universe is helping to shape me and direct me as to where I'm supposed to be. My eyes and energy are wide open.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Nomad•ness Episode 7 India Pt.2

In this episode, we end the celebration of Holi in the digs of an old palace that has been converted into an upscale hotel. Follow us as we brave the streets, the men, and a king cobra at Amber Fort.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Evierobbie Interview with Guru and Solar

As you know, the hip-hop world was dealt a harsh blow this week with the passing of Guru from Gangstarr. A pioneer in fusing jazz and hip-hop, Guru trail blazed this style of music.

Right now, there is much speculation over Solar and his role in Guru's life prior to passing. Luckily, two years ago, I was able to interview both Guru and Solar on upcoming projects and life. Even then, he refrained speaking to me about his relationship with DJ Premier and Gangstarr, something that caused much frustration and a lack of insight.


Take what you will from it.


“Raging Above the Machine: Guru and Solar”

The cross pollination of music is a practice that is becoming more readily accepted in hip hop. More and more, there are rock, electronica, and blues elements infused into the mainstream. In exploring other facets of music, hip hop artists have also broadened their fan base. Yet, this technique is far from new. History repeats itself. In hip hop, Guru was a pioneer in bringing one of the oldest forms of music to the world of hip hop; jazz. For the average 1990s hip hop fan, there’s no mistaking Guru’s baritone voice, smooth lyrical delivery, and jazz instrumentation. It wasn’t about the materialism of the industry, or the violent lifestyles from which the artists derived. It was still conscious, still informative, and all about innovating the music.
Noted as “Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal”, Guru started off as one half of the lasting members with the hip hop group, Gang Starr. Coupled with renowned DJ and music producer, DJ Premiere, the two continued on with the Gang Starr name. They
went on to be a historic staple in the early 90s “Golden Era” of rap. Critically acclaimed, and street credited, albums such as Step in the Arena, Daily Operation, and Moment of Truth re-created the rap coming out of New York City during the 90s. Although both members originated outside the Tri-State area, Guru (Boston, MA) and DJ Premiere (Houston, TX) are still considered strong forces from the New York City roots in rap music over the last nearly two decades. The status of the group, as active or dormant, has been of debate over the last five years. DJ Premiere has been quoted as saying that Gang Starr still lives and will resurrect once again. It’s no secret that Guru’s stance is more along the lines of forward movement and he’s been noted as affirming Gang Starr is no more. He chooses not to speak on it during interviews.
In Guru’s evolution, he came across the likes of producer, Solar. The business relationship that blossomed between the two has created the Jazzmatazz series, and an independent record label, 7 Grand.
Guru remembers, “ One night, in particular, we were hanging out and I was complaining.
He was like “Listen man. You’re an icon. Start your own label if it’s that bad.” I went back to him a couple days later and told him I wanted to do this label thing. He was like good luck. I was like wait, I want you to do it with me and bring your wise mind to the table. He thought about it and felt it was important too. That’s when we really put our heads together and started forming 7 Grand. That was late 2004. We put our first release out in 2005 called Version 7.0: The Street Scriptures. Jazzmatazz 4 came out August 2007 and Timebomb comes out tomorrow.”
The introduction to Jazz infusions started with the track “Jazz Thing” off of Spike Lee’s soundtrack for Mo’ Better Blues, during the days of Gang starr. Guru, along with the expertise of Solar, have taken that defining sound and morphed it into an unstoppable series of mixtapes and albums under their independent label, 7 Grand. As in the title, jazz is still as equal an influence as hip hop itself. Guru concurs, “The thing about jazz and hip hop is that jazz is at the base of all forms of music.”
Solar is the production genius behind these compilations. Solar’s motivation for
creating 7 Grand has a lot to do with the state of music as seen today.

Solar: A lot of people state that the “Golden era” of hip hop was the best, to some
degree, I agree. People also agree that the era to follow, the “Bling era” ruined
everything. You don’t hear too many people in New York bigging up this music. As a
result we can’t get a New York record on the radio anymore. It’s all over down South
beats. You can’t just listen to music that’s only designed to stimulate a certain type of behavior. You also need music that’s spiritual, has some content, and is intelligent. By an intelligent label, you get intelligent music, and we’re not going to apologize for that.

On an independent scale, Guru’s Jazzmatazz compilations have done very well, and
aided in 7 Grand scoring bigger distribution deals. Yet, and still, there’s no love from the bigger companies to push a conscious album into the mainstream. Despite the clout of the featured artists on the album, there’s still hesitation by “the machine” to help bolster the sales associated with Guru and Solar’s projects. This is the story that has become the norm, and unfortunately, redundant in the current climate of hip hop. Guru’s view are less intrusive on wanting the complete backing of the music industry, as much as he would like a section of it.

Guru: We don’t even necessarily want the big machine. Just give us access to a piece of

Solar: The really inspirational part of constructing tracks is the effect it can have on the fans out there. We’re trying to have people really think about hip hop again. There are principles and elements that we want to bring back. Every one of our albums are concepts and there’s no real money behind it and people are loving it. Then what’s
coming out on the other end of this is “Nigger”. This album is getting millions of dollars behind it. It has the whole machine behind it. It’s up to the fans to email these dudes like what the f*ck are you thinking about right now? Not telling them not to put that album out, but you ain’t got no money for Guru and Solar and you gonna put this out. You know how many of my elders I would be ashamed to have even turn on the tv and see this type of behavior? They come from a time when people would call them a nigger and they’d come home in tears. Or they’d stay at a job that called them a nigger so that they could put food on their tables. Fuck all the pain it’s caused everyone else. I’m sorry, I just can’t have my little man walking around calling people nigger.

It’s about balance, and 7 Grand’s goal is to create another side of the spectrum to the sex, drugs, and mayhem that is so influential in hip hop music right now. It’s been an up hill battle for the two, but the independent ear is listening. Are they purchasing as well?

Solar: We’re an independent label and we can’t live off of corporate funding. This is one of those rare times in history when the fans have to step up. We encourage everyone to explore the internet, but we also need you to go to the official website and download some songs too.

It’s a fight to the finish. Guru and Solar have proven respectable numbers independently, and continue to strive for that piece of funding from the industry. One thing is undeniable. Whether alone or collective, 7 Grand and its creative masters aren’t going anywhere.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

imagination at work...

Simply put...what the imagination can conceive, the wo(man) can achieve.
This video inspire me beyond words.

healthy relationships...

Jason tagged it in a status, now I have to elaborate in blog...

As I get older, and am more aware of what I am looking for in a mate/friend, I'm exploring the term 'healthy relationship' a bit more.
To me, in any healthy relationship, there will be disagreements, potential arguments, and maybe even space needed between the two parties, but there is always respect.

Many may feel that I am talking in regards to respect for one another. Though this is true, it's only one part to a dual equation.

In other words, I also look to see what type of relationship you have with yourself. Is the relationship you have with yourself, in fact, healthy?

Do you keep yourself in shape? Do you engage in dangerous activities to your mind and body? Are you negative? Do you protect yourself when engaging in sexual encounters? Do you eat healthy? Do you sleep enough? Do you understand the balance between work and play? Do you allow a rest period in your schedule?

These are the new questions I am internally asking myself if I am interested in you as more than a friend. I have men in my life, with THAT potential, yet severe imbalances in these areas are a turn off. I don't care how good you look. If you aren't taking care of yourself, how could you truly contribute positively to me?

This is a health issue as much as a love issue.
Particularly in the Black and Latino community health is not in the forefront and everyone's gut is. It's almost jarring coming back to seeing this after being in a country where obesity is a rarity, if at all.

Health is more than weight. It is a mentality. It is a lifestyle. It is a happiness with ones self.

I feel I can speak on this because I know the other side of the coin. I know what it's like to be sixty pounds heavier than what I am now. I know what it's like to have so much going on in my schedule that I didn't have time for me, let alone anyone else. I know what's its like to feel less than, or to be self-conscious in relationships therefore dealing with things I normally wouldn't have. I know what it's like to live with panic attacks because I felt like I couldn't say 'no' to certain engagements/projects therefore my schedule became a walking nightmare.

Trust, I know!!!

Luckily, I know the other side too. Healthy relationships start with self. It's time to grow up.

I'm all about the hustle, and I understand what goes into it. It's in my blood. Just know, at a point, your body will catch up to you and make you pay attention. Even He rested on the seventh day...I'm just sayin'.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

a night of strangers...

If New York City is good for one thing, it's meeting strangers. Most of you know I tend to chill at Starbucks, writing and editing, for hours at a time. Tonight was a three hour session.

Stranger number 1
In my groove, the inevitable 'I have to pee' kicks in and I now have to scour those closest to me to see who I trust most to watch my computer while I run to the bathroom.
I pick this European looking gentleman at the table directly in front of mine. I actually barely had to speak. He understood my body language and told me to go. I did.

A few minutes after my return, he asked me to watch his stuff. With a successful reciprocation, we began talking. He explained how he was doing work while waiting for friends in the city, as not to have endured the traffic between Manhattan and Jersey this evening. Makes sense.

He then started to dig into what I was doing there, and how I scored one of the best tables in the whole place. Intro to Nomad•ness and the memoir. He was intrigued and I was flattered. He wanted to witness more, so I gave him one of my new business cards. He was cool.

Stranger number 2
I left Starbucks hungry as hell but refused fast food. Wholefoods was open until 11pm, so I decided to head in. As I eyed the Indian buffet section an older gentleman stopped me.

Pointing to samosas he asked, "Are these spicy?"
"Depending on how they make it, it can be, but it's just vegetables and potatoes," I responded.
"You're probably from the Caribbean, huh?"
"As a matter of fact, I'm not."
"Really? Where are you from?"
"New York. My father is African-American. My mother is Irish, Italian, Dutch, and Native-American."

He wanted to keep talking, in amazement. I didn't, so I walked away.

Stranger number 3

I don't know why I attract the New York city crazies. I don't know why but I do EVERY TIME. I have friends that can vouch for this and have video to prove this. First off, the 4 train, at night, tends to be a freak show to begin with...always entertaining, with a shot of weird, and sometimes a sprinkle of scary.

Tonight this dude, with two teeth, asked me if the 4 train runs to Harlem. Now, I have noticed something in my years of living in the city. A person is as crazy as their repetition. Meaning, if someone asks you something once, ok. Twice, a pink flag should go up. Keep an eye on them. Three times, this person is crazy. More than three times, switch to another train car at the next stop.

I swear it's true.

This dude, in between talking to himself, asked me if the train stopped at 125th probably 5011 times...and it was only 4 express stops away. I wanted to tell him it was two more stops then as many teeth as he had in his mouth and watch him do the math. That would have been mean though.

The 4 train is alive and well...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Nomad•ness Eps. 6 India Part 1

Nomad•ness Episode 6 is here! It is the first installation of my trip to India. Join friends, Stephanie, Melissa, and myself as we begin our journey in Jaipur, India. We were embraced by a local family and got to experience the Elephant Festival and Holi Festival of Colors up close and personal, all while staying in an amazing hotel for $23 a night/per person...

Sunday, April 4, 2010


of conscious...I've watched more tv in two days then in the last year. It makes my brain go numb and I no longer like it, unless I am creating it. I prefer when it is off and I am doing something more productive (like this)...Kinda bummed I missed the pillow fight in Union Square yesterday...all the guys came to the party, but none of the girls...hmmm...Dj Rich Medina is my favorite DJ in NYC...first 2 questions everyone asks: 1: How does it feel to be back? 2:How long are you staying?...answer to both: I don't know...the interview went compliment I've had since being home: You look like you have no stress in your life...that kiss was good. too fucking good. it melted my heart but not my focus, continuing on...I can't wait to go to DC...I'm not stressed about funds maybe the way I should be, oh well...I'm so certain in my path...I think you're bisexual...seeing Mom and sharing things from my students with her was feels good right now because it is on my own will begin the writing/Nomad•ness headhunting...Long Island is going to be fun...I have lost more weight, cannot wait to go to the gym...i want my cholesterol down 20 points this year...I wonder if he's been tested...I've been away from writing, photography, and film for two weeks now. I felt that I needed to really be in the moment as I said goodbye to Japan, and hello to New York, not documenting it...Bronxnet was the Universe's reminder to keep focused...Zorro sleeping next to me will forever make me smile...Every time I look at my new tattoo, I smile uncontrollably. I love what it represents...Joe and Justin still rock...I have just appeared in NYC and already feel the need to disappear...pacing the use of this BBerry. These things are no joke...patting myself on the back for the design of my new business cards. cannot wait for their arrival...purple nails are not my favorite, changing to black or green tomorrow...i miss 6 hour sessions in life is amazing...Kotoyo needs to come to New York...I need to go to Miami...I hope Megan continues to grow...I hope Kotoyo and Suguru get married...modify if needed, but don't you fucking dare delete...nani yumeh des ka? I know mine...Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, Thailand, Japan, Turkey, Egypt, and Europe sound like a phenomenal way for me to spend my summer...let's go! You can vote for me EVERYDAY! HERE

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nomad•ness Eps. 5 Open Mic

The Pink Cow Shibuya, Tokyo Open Mic This episode is unlike any so far. If you are a fan of my writing, and raw emotion, you will definitely feel the vibe in this video. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


It's no coincidence that I have been back for over a week and still have yet to post a thorough blog about my time in India.
As a writer, India presented a tangible challenge. How does one convey the power of the images, smells, and emotion captured in a place that saturates the senses in all these ways? India led to some of the best photography I have taken, to date, as you can observe throughout this blog. I also have video footage that I will be spending the next few weeks making heads and tails of for upcoming episodes of Nomad•ness. Overwhelmed with wondering how I was to relay the information of this trip, it wasn't until I started giving slide presentations to my schools in Japan, as a final lesson, that I got the energy and insight to push it out. The look on these children's eyes when I show them photos of me covered in the colors of Holi, or riding a camel, or kids their age too poor to go to school. They get it, and for a moment I see their eyes open beyond Japan. I want to influence everyone I meet enough to make them get over the fear, and get on the plane. This was my journey...


The memoir will most definitely retain the details of my travels, but here I offer some photos as navigation through the most uncomfortable, scary, dirty, invigorating, and rewarding experience of my life. I thought living in Japan for a year made me a warrior. Little did I know what India had to offer.
The ten day trek took Melissa, Stephanie, and I through New Delhi, Jaipur, Pushkar, and Agra. We stayed in the North, venturing locally on buses and trains in the uncomfort of stares, being followed, and constant invasion of personal space. The ratio of men to women, outside, is highly uneven and it is not uncommon to find yourself surrounded by gazing men offering you rides, deaf to the word "No."
Northern India is also knows for being cultural, yet extremely poverty plagued. The South is known more so for the cleanliness, tourists, and resorts. Needless to say, I am happy we ventured in the North first.

They live the way they must. It is the begging of the children that tears you to pieces, but there is a silent understanding.

Five of our ten days we spent in Jaipur, celebrating Holi Festival of Colors, becoming masked by vibrant paint powder colors. The Elephant Festival was amazing, even after I drew a crowd of laughing male faces at my attempts to get on top of a horse. Good times.
Holi was one of the best days of my life, and Stephanie's 30th birthday. Mayhem, chaos, alcohol, and all of us in a humvee were the symbols of the day. We started by braving the Jaipur streets with our new friends and 'bodyguard' and we ended it in a private party hosted by Jaipur's elite, inside the garden of an old palace. The day was a real life fairy tale.

We continued through Jaipur onto the Amber Fort where we were surprisingly greeted by a snake charmer. All three of us took the charmer's word for it, stating that the snake wasn't poisonous, and touched the cobra. My brother would have been proud. When in Rome...right? There were elephants, monkeys, pigs, buffalo, and camels everywhere. Over dinner in the desert I had a monkey scare the hell out of me while I was eating outside, only for it to get into a fight with a cat. I cannot make this stuff up.

We intended to spend three days in Agra, but as per everyone's recommendation, it was too long. Agra also proved to be the dirtiest of the places we went so within twenty-four hours we got there and left, walking away from our hotel payments and all. Though the city left much to be desired, it was here I saw my mecca and the reason why I ventured to India in the first place.
Taj Mahal. The most epic representation of love.

We even saw Japanese people there, something that makes me feel very much at home now. How ironic?!

In leaving Agra, we rerouted for the unplanned part of the itinerary, Pushkar aka the desert aka Little Israel. It's a bit of a hippy town packed right in the middle of the desert and steep hills. We spent two days in Pushkar doing cheap shopping, gawking at the fine Israeli that ran the Internet Cafe, fighting off pink lizards and stomach issues, while riding camels for hours. It was here I met my 10 year old camel guide, the most fascinating young man I have met in my life.

Leaving Pushkar, I headed back to Japan to conclude my year long journey there, and my fellow travelers flew to South Africa.
Sugoy! Amazing!
If it seems as though I am recalling events, yet not emotion, it is because I still am. I am still searching for the right words to formulate the right sentences, to spit out all that I have in.
I am forever grateful for India. If for no other reason, I know I can sleep anywhere and find some comfort. If for nothing else, because even at my worst, I have so much more than those in the Northern part of their country. In its ugly, I find such a raw beauty. I look forward to the day I find the words...the memoir is going to be amazing.

Loving my life!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Nomad•ness Ep. 4 Sake Festival

Bottoms up! Nomad•ness 4 takes place at this year's Sake Festival in Niigata, Japan's famous Toki Messe building...Check it out!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

STA Travel Around the World Internship 2010

Some of you may (or may not know) I applied for an Around the World Internship for this summer. STA Travel has been doing this for the the last two years and this year I have applied. I just found that I made it to the Top 50 finalists, their first round of cuts. I need votes. The link is here

To put a few things in perspective, this trip would allow me to travel to Peru, Brazil, Australia, Egypt, Thailand, back to Japan, Turkey, and then end with a rail pass in Europe. It is pretty much everything I dreamed of and more!

Please pass it on and I appreciate everyone's help!

PS. India was great and I am editing photos as I many things to share!~

Monday, March 1, 2010


I have yet to find the proper words to express this day.
The Holi Festival in Jaipur has been, hands down, one of the best days of my life.
Color filled faces and streets.
Driving all around town in an old military style jeep, with a driver drinking beer, talking on the cell phone, and smoking a cigarette at the same time.
I cried today from being blessed about my life.
The perfect words....still aren't found...but I have hundreds of images. Photography and video that you can only see to believe.
This one photo, as an introduction, I will give to you.

To be continued....

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

approaching India...

This time last year, I shared some of the same feelings I am experiencing now. Confusion. Anxiety. Apprehension. Excitement. Adventure.

This time around it is a reverse in geography. Then, I was leaving New York to head to Japan. Now, I am leaving Japan, headed to New York, while approaching India first.

Stephanie and Melissa are already on their plane from NYC, headed to Delhi. I will be meeting them, at Nirvana Hostel (check my facebook friends, they are on here) for us women to embark on a journey of self-reflection, revelation, and adventure. I began planning this trip months ago with myself as he only occupant. I am happy to be sharing it with these ambitious ladies.

India is far more than a trip, another installment in Nomad•ness, and another stamp in my passport. India represents a manifestation of a dream.
My top three dream trips are Egypt, India, and Greece. Though I have traveled to many places, these three, I have not.

Two years ago, I remember vividly, laying on my bed in the Bronx, on the phone with my younger sister and talking about going to India. The prospect of travel is something both of us have inherited, much from our father. During this phone call, I could envision seeing the vibrant colors of the cities. I could taste the magnitude of the Taj Mahal.

Sarafina spoke about her interest in visiting the Motherland, South Africa specifically. Both of us took our brains on a wanderlust that night. One phone call.

Two years later...2010.

February 1st my sister departed for South Africa/Namibia and will be there until April 1st.
February 26th I depart Tokyo, Japan for India to conquer three cities in ten days.

As my mother always says, "It's never a matter of 'if'. It's always a matter of when."

Sunday, February 21, 2010


The best way I can describe how I feel is, raw. I feel emotionally fragile, like a glass vase that needs one more push before shattering all over the place. I have had to begun the process of saying goodbye to my students and my schools and it is tearing me apart.
I don't know how you real teachers do it.

I have had everything from tears to children literally running after my car as I drove out the parking lot. I am not prepared for this. I suck at saying goodbye and to have to do it so many times to so many people who have shaped my life so dramatically over this year, is breaking my heart.

Crying has become a pastime in trying to just deal with it all. I have fallen in love with this place, these people, and this culture. I am not the woman I was when I left New York a year ago and will never be that person again.

My apartment is adorned with roses given from the school I had for the last time on Friday, handmade calendars, and posters from the children. My body has felt everything from depression, to anxiety, to love in its purest form. Dare I say I might even have found religion. I wonder if standing in front of a shrine in the darkness of night, crying, thanking the Gods for the course my life has taken automatically means I am now Buddhist.The world knows I have always had spirit.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Nomad•ness Episode 3 TOKYO

Nomad•ness Episode 3 follows me around a traditional and absurd New Year's in Tokyo, Japan. Check it out...

Monday, February 15, 2010

denial times seven...

For awhile now I have been up to my neck in denial. Don't get me wrong, I am fully aware of the impending actions to be taken within the next six weeks, but at times, the reality of it is too much to bare.

I have been in Japan for a few weeks shy of a year. When I first approached this 'task', it was daunting. I would side-eye my year long schedule facing me in all its magnitude. All the colors, representing all the schools, bled together until I just saw my whole year ahead of me.

Mentally, I was in a push-pull between New York and Japan, something you all will read about further in my memoir. The man I eventually fell in love with was home. Any security I had was home, including common comforts like...I don't know...language. I was so scared, so lost, so confused. The Evita that showed up at Narita Airport on March 19th, 2009, will be a far cry from the same Evita who will be returning to New York in six weeks.

These schools, teachers, and children who were mere strangers at first, have become an extended family, many of which I will be keeping in touch with even while in the States.

I've never been good at goodbyes. I cry, a lot. My face leaks. Starting this Friday, when I have to saw a final goodbye to the first of seven schools, it may be no different. I have cursed my Company for many things, and now I do so for putting me in a position to have to say goodbye to thousands of children, hundreds of faculty members, and a core of new life-long times.

Speaking with Megan recently, we have shared stories, worries, and emotion about facing this transition. We talk, at length, about saying goodbye to the kids and our favorite faculty members, conveniently avoiding the truth that we too have to say goodbye to one another as well.

Denial is wearing off and......


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Nomad•ness Eps. 2 FM Niigata

Join me on the second episode of my reality webTV travel series, Nomad•ness. Bandai City, Japan on FM Niigata with DJ Minoru Chris. Gotta love that guy....

Monday, February 8, 2010

Nomad•ness Ep. 1 Niigata, Japan

Nomad•ness from Evita Robinson on Vimeo.

Nomad•ness is here!
This is the new reality webTV project that I am working on, in conjunction with my memoir. Through it, you will follow me around on my travels throughout the world.
2010 promises to be a year to look out for.
First stop is Niigata, Japan...check it out!

Leave comments and replies letting me know where you are and why I should get there.

So far the support of Facebook has been phenomenal...Enjoy!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

kiss, kiss...

This Saturday night, I literally went from in my bed editing Nomadness video footage with the intention of falling asleep, to a club. I called Kotoyo and told her the news that any ideas of going to Shame were a lost cause. This past weekend, we got Part 2 of the worst snow this part of Japan has seen in 25 years. I will be posting Nomadness EP. 1 with video footage of it, this week. With that, the cars are buried and the trains weren't running. I was content in my bed.

"Gugu and I driving night. We drive you and Megan," she refuted. Kotoyo wasn't having it.

Tired, yet fighting the urge to go out, I said yes. From downtown, these two trekked for nearly two hours to pick us both up, in blizzard weather. Might I add, Megan and I live in completely opposite directions.

I am assuming no one is going to be at this party. I was wrong. The place was packed. the show was great. The old school hip-hop and R&B was dynamic.

The bar was giving away free shots of tequila. A one, cute Japanese boy, whom goes to school by my house and speaks English, was the shot guy. He looked cute as per usual, and was donning a tailored suit with a pink button down. We flirt. We have before and Saturday was no different. Being physically starved in every sense of the word, it is fun to find someone to bat eyelashes at and have my friends make fun of me for. I have no one here. Nothing.

Truth be told, I look forward to this. So he took my drink ticket so I wouldn't have to wait, got my white wine (because I was wearing white) and smiled. Megan gave me the "I saw that shit!" look and I drank my wine, with a sly grin.

The night was progressing lovely and I was truly enjoying myself. I had my closest friends in Japan all with me and I was feeling right. The wine was hitting the right spots and my eye caught hold of these tequila shots being passed around.

"How much are the shots," I asked Megan.
"I don't know. From your boy, probably free," she responded.

I pulled him to the side and asked. They were free for everyone. Jose Cuervo being passed around free is a recipe for a night to remember, in any club, in any country.
FYI I hated tequila before this night, during this night, and still do after.

He gave us a round, only Megan and I already knew the limit. While everyone else took the full shot we sipped and tossed the rest.

I was drunk...and the Japanese boy was getting cuter.

In a bold move, long overdue, as this has been brewing for my last few visits to Shame, I moved.

I whispered in his ear,"I want to kiss you."
In a very uninspiring response, he said, "Ok."
"Right now?"
"Right here?"

In my head, I am wondering where all his English went.

I sucked up my pride, and the impending jokes that would follow this moment, and I went in for it. Closed lips, fast, and with intention.

I kissed a Japanese boy.

He smiled and walked away.

"What did you say to that man," Megan questions after witnessing the act.

I have to admit, it was very anti-climatic. I'm happy for that. I didn't want fireworks, or sparks, or tongue for that matter. I just wanted it to be what it was...a kiss.

Owari Mashita! (I'm finished!)

Monday, February 1, 2010

This little woman has the strength of a thousand soldiers.

Hands on her hips is her favorite pose,
To make sure that all who meet her know,
She means business.

Far from regular infantile desires,
To interact with her requires a little bit of fire.

See, this is an old soul inside the body of a child.
Reincarnated, but true to form, with a mature confidence and style.

You will not break her stride, nor shatter her glee.
This little woman means business.
“Can’t you see?”

To understand her brain, you’d have to begin by substituting the yellow umbrella for a cane.
To comprehend the invisible wisdom of her years, you’d have to research into her subsequent tears.
To know her power, just look at her stance.
She will never grow up to accept the phrase “I can’t.”

There is only, “I know. I will. And I am.” She finds it unnecessary to orate “I can.”
For her ability is shown through all her actions.
Childhood anecdotes become adulthood artistic factions.

She is ready for anything in both life and love.
Dancing with delight like the bears hugging her gut.

“Let’s go!” she screams from both inside and out.
Facing life, daring it to make her plump cheeks pout.
She smirks, knowing the key to playing life’s game.

She has plans, an agenda, and nothing is getting in her way.
She believes as though she’s been here before, and is prepared, this go round, to stay.

This picture has been my profile pic for the last week now. As of recently, I feel it is the most relevant to how I have been feeling. I can’t recall how old I was when it was taken. All I know is that it was in South Carolina, during a summer when my family would always drive down, as a collective. It is gracing a photo album at my Grandmother’s house.

There is so much power in it.

As the poem says, my favorite pose as a child was the hands on the hips. Once I grew out of the knocked-kneedness and pigeon toes you witness in this picture, the hand on the hip was supplemented by cocking my hip to one side.
Apparently, I thought I was hot shit as a child.

What I was, was keen, perceptive, and curious. Traits that have only developed more as an adult. Before the memoir I am currently writing, on my year in Asia, I got forty pages into one on the first twenty-five years of my life. In it are many childhood anecdotes, one note being my awareness of my curiosity.

I was the child that was always asking questions. Subsequently, I would have random bouts of being ignored by those around me who found my young quest for knowledge more tedious, than interesting.

Regardless, I continued on. When I look at this photo, at twenty-five years old, and I look back at all those things that I have accomplished between the day this photo was taken, and today, I am humbled. I have had some huge disappointments in life, but more importantly, I have had magnificent success.

I am so blessed, so grateful, and too positive to focus on anything other than the talents I was born with, and the passion for them that I acquired.

If I had to caption this photo, it’d read, “Let’s go!”

Never one to wait. Never one to make excuses. Never one to shy away from the fears that come with life.

I am absolutely in love with my life right now, and it is because I constantly dare myself to truly live it! Every challenge, is an opportunity, if you choose to see it that way.


(Sorry, I have been slacking on the blogging you lovely people. I promise it is worth it. I have been plowing through the memoir and have some video revelations coming in the next few weeks. Trust me, it’s worth the wait.)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dear Obama...From Dr. Cornel West

Dr. Cornel West is still a living hero of mine. A man I highly admire, agree with, and had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing on more than one occasion. The brother is potent.
Enjoy. Thanks for the post Billy, and as I have said to friends as of recently...
I see Obama as a relative I am in an argument with at the moment.
I love him, but I don't like him right now.


a song for the times...

This song was relevant in the era it was created...just as it is now.

In listening, I wonder...with so many great passing, who do we have to take their place? I cannot listen to songs like this, from my parent's generation and find the parallel in my own.
I and my friends who appreciate good music yearn for those talented enough to make life-long music.

Ya dig?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

race relations...

Powerful conversation on race relations.
Including a panel of Tom Joyner, Chris Matthews, and others...Definitely worth a peek.


Monday, January 18, 2010

Haiti, Japan identifies...

This week is not only the mark of the destruction, in Haiti, but also the anniversary of one of Japan's biggest earthquakes to date.
Japan identifies, and pitches in during Haiti's time of need.

"People who lost their parents in the Great Hanshin Earthquake ran a fundraising drive in Kobe on Sunday to help those affected by Tuesday's powerful earthquake in Haiti."

Kobe marks anniversary of deadly 1995 quake | The Japan Times Online

Friday, January 15, 2010

a traveling education...yes or no?

Yesterday, I was working at one of my favorite schools. A place that I am going to be broken hearted to leave when my contract ends in nine (9) weeks. Yes, nine weeks. Of my year in Japan that is all that remains left to it.

We were speaking about a friend of mine who cancelled his contract early, and went home. She was introduced to the new replacement and the school told her the reasoning for my friend leaving was so he could attend school back in America. This is what the company said in order to show face to the school board. It is a half truth.

She continued on saying, "Many people who travel, like you, love school and go back." The slight language barrier (as her English is great) initially had me feeling a little defensive. I took it as meaning that instead of working we run to school.

She clarified and said, "No it's good. People your age, like you, who travel, like school." She's right.
A few weeks ago, I pondered on whether or not there is a correlation between how much someone travels and how important higher education is to them.

For instance, my best friend, who (hands down) has travelled more than anyone I know has been a doctor since her mid-twenties. A bonafide (pardon the pun, B. lol) genius in my eyes.

My friend Daniel, who I boast having an international friendship with. For we have only met three times in real life, and it's only been in major international cities. He's another one whose gaps in traveling were only filled with obtaining a master's degree in Salt Lake City (and snowboarding, of course).

For many of the new friends I have made in Japan, continuing through higher education is on their radar, as much as continuing travels are.

And many of you know I got accepted into the University of London, Goldsmiths College this fall, and am due to begin my masters in Sept of this year.

Is there a correlation between heavy travelers and this need for higher education?

I'd venture to say yes.

When you travel the world, your mind is opened in ways unimaginable. You are tested. Sponge-like, you soak everything in and you are educated through life. This theory is not un-like the same one I proposed during my Commencement speech, in Madison Square Garden, on behalf of Iona College's undergraduates, in June 2006.

As I said then, we got the textbook education, now don't waste it by faulting on acquiring the life experience education.
I personally feel you cannot fully benefit from one without the other.

Travel is an addiction for those who do it a lot. Travel is also a type of learning. Learning that some people simply cannot do without.
Sadly, a rendition of learning that some people are too scared to attempt.
There is less fear in opening a textbook, than getting on a plane to a place that may shake up your comfort zone and your beliefs.

In the wake of the earthquake in Haiti, I had a dear friend (who has family there) tell me that this disaster woke him up to what has been going on in the world. You hear about tsunamis, mudslides, earthquakes, etc...happening all over the world. Because it isn't in your immediate area, you don't feel the affliction. Now that is has happened somewhere that he has a personal connection to, it has become more real, more tangible.

Sadly, this initial complacency is true until it hits home.

When you travel, you never forget. It becomes difficult to be complacent because you KNOW, FEEL, OVERstand, and in some cases have SEEN what these people are actually going through. That is the education of travel.

For me, travel is too important not to.

I hated History/Social Studies in school because I felt I couldn't relate to it. Now, if I was to take those classes again, it would be a whole other story.

My future goal, with my future family, is to be able to have my kids travel during summer vacation to the places they are learning about in History books during the school year. I want them to have both facets of learning, as soon as possible in life.

With that, I would like to say....this India visa is looking real sexy in my passport right now. ;)

Olbermann pulls no punches on Limbaugh and Robertson...

The first video is the blasphemy of Robertson's words...and to the sista sitting beside him, I throw a side-eye to you as well.

The second video is Keith Olbermann's LIVE reaction to the comments. This is why I watch Olbermann, even still in Japan. If I can't get him, then I turn to Rachel Maddow. MSNBC has true heavy hitters that will dig in you if need be.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


This is going to be short, clear, and concise.

This situation in Haiti is truly tugging my heart strings tonight.
Donate to Wyclef's
I've been in touch with his New Media Manager, Nate Erickson.
Contact him at, or @NateErickson on, if you want to help!

I will be getting information on how to donate clothes...
It's night in Japan. I am going to bed very uneasy tonight.

My sister Sarafina was just in Haiti working with this impoverished nation within the last year. It is the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. We CANNOT just sit back. Whatever information I get on donations of clothes and supplies, I will post ASAP.


Monday, January 4, 2010

2009 Top 3s

3 Proudest Moments:
1. The look on these kids faces, knowing I am affecting them for the rest of their lives
2. Interviewing Nelson George for J'Adore Magazine
3. Truly understanding/overstanding my personal growth

3 Best Artistic Goals:
1. Memoir
2. Nomadness
3. Finding the niche I can fill

3 Greatest Additions to my life this year:
1. The Japanese GAP crew (Miwa, Mami, Suguro, formerly Kotoyo)
2. The Company crew (Megan, George, Mariana, Aisling)
3. Mieko, her family, and her psychic

3 Biggest Accomplishments:
1. Getting on that plane to Japan
2. Getting accepted to Goldsmiths for my masters
3. Booking my trip to India

3 Biggest Heartbreaks:
2. Saying 'I love you' and not hearing it back
3. Barack sending more troops to Afghanistan

Top 3 books:
1. The Places That Scare You
2. Delaying the Real World
3. 20 Something/20 Everything

Top 3 People:
1. Dad
2. Grandma
3. Jason

3 Most Random Moments:
1. Seeing a group of Japanese Santa Clauses on motor bikes, post a winter storm in Japan
2. The guy openly jerking off on the Tokyo metro
3. Kotoyo and Loni busting down a guardrail in the elementary school in order to park in the parking lot for free (ghetto Japanese ish)

3 Mottos to help me get through the year:
1. "Being realistic is the most commonly travelled road to mediocrity." Will Smith
2. "The tendinous part of the mind, so to speak, is more developed in the winter; the fleshy, in the summer.I should say winter had given the bone and sinew to literature, summer the tissue and the blood." -John Burroughs
3. When written in Chinese, the word "crisis" is composed of two characters. One represents danger and the other represents opportunity.
-John F. Kennedy

3 Words I over-used (same as last year)
1. Insane
2. Crazy
3. Dope

3 Words I over-used (Japanese edition)
1. Nani? (What?)
2. Gomene (Sorry)
3. Shogonai (it is what it is!)

Here is to 2010!