Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Profile: Akira-Adel

Who is Akira Adel? (Teaser) from Jinesis on Vimeo.

Akira-Adel Profile
Writer. Video/Photo Editor: Evierobbie
Photos: EMA Photography
Coordinator: Jinesis
Location: HK Nightclub NYC

Some may argue that the world doesn't create women as it used to. With the recent passing of the likes of Lena Horne there’s a void presented by women whose legacies were based on a mix of class and spark, work ethic and dignity, a fighting spirit and natural beauty. Times have changed. Yet, the factors that produce the prototype of this type of woman branch through generations. Even Janelle Monae’s anticipated “Android” album gives a glimpse into the future, while preserving the rooted attributes of the past, within the performer. This is precisely what gives model, and entrepreneur, Akira-Adel her edge over the industry proclaimed competition.
A New Yorker, with both African-American and Greek ethnicity, Akira was born exotic. Currently represented by House of Dolls Management, she is best noted for her underground runway strut, infectious smile, high-fashion portfolio, magazine spreads, music videos, and work as a Bubble Girl background dancer for Raye 6. She’s got her hands in it all, and wouldn’t have it any other way.
From the age of fourteen, Akira’s unknowing fixation with the world of makeup would be the gatekeeper to her presently budding modeling career. As an adolescent she’d stalk the counters of MAC and study the ins and outs of makeup application and timing. This created a love that would bloom into a huge career asset during the production of runway shows and photo shoots.
Acquiring a fashion design degree from the Art Institute, the education aspect wasn’t left to dwindle on MAC countertops in Macy’s. Akira made it her business, to understand the business of fashion. Her relentless quest for hands on knowledge has put her in the position of model, make-up artist, and even show producer. She has a vision people trust.
Akira has the versatility to be the face of your brand, make-up artist for your talent, and producer for your runway show. That packaging is what she looks to catapult her career to the next, international, level. Within minutes of conversation, it’s apparent that Akira’s sights are going to require a passport. She’s currently searching for the right network connection to get her abroad, and shopped to modeling agencies outside the United States, with a personal emphasis on Asian markets.
Akira can be seen in Spaceball Magazine, the Bubble Girls calendar (months January, April, and August), the Shade of Black female art project, and music videos for both Scenario and Alejandro Sanz’s video featuring Alicia Keys titled “Looking For Paradise.” On a performance basis, she can be seen on stage with the ever eclectic, Raye 6.
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