Friday, July 30, 2010

beach or bitch: weight loss revisited

I'm prepping for all this travel stuff again. The usual:

  • trying to acquire as much money as possible, in as short a time as possible
  • subletting the apartment
  • packing the apartment so the sublet actually has a place to live (that'd be nice)
  • dealing with emotions of leaving the boyfriend, cat, family, and friends
Nothing out of the norm, until today. As I was hitting the pavement with my sneakers, for my 'daily' run around the neighborhood, I realized that the final three countries we're debating on going to for Jet Set Zero all are going to involve ridiculous amounts of beach area.

We'll probably be walking around half naked, three quarters of the time. I need to get my ass into shape.

I'm revisiting (and re-posting) the past photo of my before and after losing 47 pounds. In a very honest and vulnerable move, I submitted it as my first blog entry to Jet Set Zero. You can view it, in all it's glory HERE!

I encourage you to check it out and comment on it! I am always interested in people's feedback in regards to their own weight loss and weight gain stories. After posting these up, I tend to get contacted about it and it feels good to see hard, grueling, excruciating work truly pay off. The inspiration I give others is unbeatable.

So, I figure, fuck it, you all are going to be following me around with cameras 24/7 for 3 months, let's deal with the honesty straight from the start.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Nomad•ness+Evierobbie+Jet Set Zero TV

As of today, I've been officially initiated into the world of Jet Set TV!

So far I have been introduced to one other cast mate, Tyler from LA. We've been scouring our maps and picking each others' brains as to potential new homes for three months. It's happening... enjoy the ride!

Check my intro blog on the site and leave your message of motivation for me on Jet Set Zero's site (or here)! Love you guys! Introducing me HERE!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

come play with me...

Ok, so I've been blasting about how psyched I am to have been chosen for the upcming season of Jet Set Zero! I even solidified the sublet of my apartment today! Things are moving I have a surprise for you guys. Why don't you join me?

Casting! Casting! We're opening up applications for our next season (8) of Jet Set Zero! If you want to live, work, and travel abroad - with all of your adventures documented in stunning HD video - check out the info page at

Sunday, July 18, 2010

a good deed...

The last month has been that of many us and downs in life. Celebrating my new casting with Jet Set Zero as well as dealing with the passing of a close friend. Today marks the one month mark of Rudi's passing. This month has gone by extremely fast.

On this one month mark, I am going to ask a favor of everyone...if you can spare even $1, please donate to the Joseph family to help pay for his funeral services, as well as his family. Rudi was the breadwinner in his family and supported so many relatives as such. His mother has been on disability for years and could use all the help she can get. In this name, Team Genius has been selling T-Shirts as well as awesome new "WWGD" (What Would Genius Do?) wristbands. Check out the merchandise at

In addition to the cause I'm helping spread for Rudi, I got a message from an online friend who recently had their 8-year old godchild pass of a rare form of cancer. She was a vibrant beautiful young woman and the family is asking for anything that can be donated. See details at Kel's website to make donations HERE.

I truly appreciate everyone's efforts, prayers, and help. Please spread the word. I promise the blogs over the next few weeks will be more upbeat. Be grateful for everything and everyone you have!

Peace and Love!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Evierobbie+Jinesis+Nelson Estevez+Akira Adel= Lonely Toss

So, on a Sunday afternoon, my friend Music producer Jinesis...his muse Akira Adel...and my boyfriend got together to make a music video about love filled with uncertainty, and me in the Director's seat. Check the video below and be sure to peep everyone's twitter!


Lonely Toss featuring Nelson Estevez and Akira Adel from Jinesis on Vimeo.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

the minds of babes...

Upon my return to New York City, especially the Bronx, there were a few characteristics of the area that I was apprehensive about witnessing again.
Let me preface the girth of this blog by saying that the mind of a child is a precious and extremely malleable thing. What you put in it is very much what you get out of it.
In thinking of my future children (years from now) I put emphasis on making sure the first time that they hear they're beautiful or gifted, is not from a stranger but from their parents...with that.

I've seen a number of accounts, since being home, of children being mentally and verbally abused in public. It is a sick trend in these here parts of the 'hood' and few things crawl underneath my skin and ignite the wish for bodily harm upon another individual. Some of this city's occupants and the way they talk to their children and grand-children is baffling and disgusting. Beautiful, innocent, being told publicly that that "ain't shit" and "won't ever be shit" has done everything except draw me to tears and blows. I can't take it anymore.

This particular incident happened on the "D" train. what appeared to be a grandmother and granddaughter duo sat in front of me as I traveled to work. From the moment they sat down the grandmother was complaining to the little girl.

"You need to stop acting like a tomboy. No man will love you with all the scratches on your clothes."
"I ain't never buying you shit ever again. I bought you a whole thing of hair clips and now you only have two left."
"I'm so sick of you. Don't even talk to me before I smack you in the face."
"You make me sick. I'm so tired."

It was one psychological hit after another. I looked at this silent girl's face and I could see her turning into a mental punching bag for this evil bitch sitting next to her.

The little girl was gorgeous. Light-skinned, sandy brown hair, hazel eyes, and a tomboyish style that not for one minute overshadowed the fact that she was gorgeous, while her grandmother sat there toothless and miserable. I could see her mind mentally filing and registering every negative comment. I could see the layers of distorted self images being built, right through her eyes. I was furious. I wanted nothing more than to tell her how beautiful she was.

The train approached 145th Street. They got up to get off, with a man who'd tried unsuccessfully to catch my eye prior, sat down.

"Oh wait," said the grandmother,"next stop."

Switching their position, the little girl sat directly next to me and the grandmother across. I looked at the girl and smiled. She smiled back. Screeching to a stop at 125th the little girl gets up, preparing to exit, and without thinking I looked her in the eye and spoke.

"You are beautiful," I said.
"Thank you."
"You're gorgeous and don't you ever forget that."
She smiled, "Thank you."

In my mind, I wanted to save her from her own involuntary hell.

Feeling good about my good deed, yet that it was not enough to balance out the emotional genocide her grandmother was unleashing, I hoped it made a difference. I hoped in her toughest of times she remembered the stranger that told her what someone in her family didn't.

"She's beautiful, but not as beautiful as you," said the asshole that didn't understand the significance of the recent moment.

"No. No one is more beautiful than that girl," I sternly responded then began writing in my journal. This man was looking for the right line at the wrong time...tough break.