Monday, December 14, 2009

the Talent Age...

I was watching "Morning Joe" today with Joe and Mika on MSNBC.
It opened with a personal favorite of mine, Deepak Chopra. If you aren't up on his books regarding enlightenment, intention, and positivity, you should get on it.

During a segment, they began talking about the concept of a Talent Age. How theorists are saying that we had an Industrial Age, which gave way to an Information Age that so many of us are familiar with, and we're now approaching a Talent Age.

The premise is, many of the left brain activities that people and businesses need, can be done in the speed of light with the technology built during the Information age. We are prepared for the pendulum to shift towards the creative.

This age will be defined by those in the arts and those who use creativity and innovation in their business endeavors.

Obviously, with me, this would strike a chord. I would like your opinions on this.

Speaking of the creative...this past week I found myself at FM Niigata's radio station recording my voiceover for DJ Minoru Chris's show on Sound Splash.

It was an amazing experience, full of laughs.

I had a moment taken right out of Sophia Coppola's "Lost in Translation".

Chris, "Can you say it with more intensity?"
I erupted in laughter, predicting that the next request would be for me to say it more mysterious. When you live in Japan, you realize how on point that film truly is.

It parallels this whole concept of Talent Age because in walking into their studio I was brought back to the prior radio and television stations I used to work in, in NY.
You have the business suits on the Sales floor.

"I will take you upstairs. You'll be more comfortable there," Chris said.

Upstairs was the creative hub. Japanese celebrity signatures adorning posters of themselves, polaroids of people in compromising positions, Macs on every desk, and relaxed attire.

I was at home. Niigata definitely got some cool points, and my international creative connections just got a huge jolt in linking up with Chris...

The Talent Age commences...

As of January 4th
Sound Splash Niigata FM Radio
DJ Minoru Chris' Show
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