Monday, September 28, 2009

20 week workout start...

Ok, it's time for the workout plan for the second half of my trip.
You will notice it is more than twice the length as the plan I executed during the beginning of the summer. I am taking advantage of the second half and getting my body in the best shape it has been in.
Truthfully I don't have much going on outside of what my first plan was. I am playing this by ear. It's all about getting my consistency up before I start with the workout add-ons.
I started yesterday, and took the photos below after my night run today. Look for four week updates.

Starting stats: September 28th, 09
Start Weight: 156.2 pounds
Weight goal: 145-148
Exercise Goal: up to 45 mins of running straight, yoga classes, hip-hop dance classes


NightFall914 said...

That's wassup. And all things considered it's good to see your smile too. Stay focused.

evierobbie. said...

yes i thought that too, so i smiled