Thursday, June 4, 2009

Barack in the city I dream to visit...

while doing some lesson planning, I was struck by the need to catch this Obama speech, considering I was up and all. this will not be a long post because the point i have to make is very clear.

i love Barack Obama. it's on a personal level. i have NEVER listened to a President that has EVER motivated me to go from needing sleep to needing to dig into my business plan. I adore his speeches but the one I viewed tonight hit me hard because he spoke so much on International Education Exchanges and well as International Entrepreneurship. One I am trying to obtain, and the other I am working towards. Marshall, Fulbright, MacArthur...these are names only recognized by those with enough interest to research them out. The Endowments...these are funded by the government so we 'the people' can pursue our endeavors without money being the issue. I feel like, in the near future, Evierobbie is going to be benefitting from some of the President's new legislations.

I was inspired and got a MAGNIFICENT thesis for my essays to both Fulbright and Goldsmith's, thanks to my President.

I mean, Clinton was cool, but no one is fucking with Barack.
Cairo, standing ovation, and his name being chanted as he walked out...period.



NightFall914 said...
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NightFall914 said...

Yeah. Even without going into great detail Obama runs circles around the public speaking of any recent President. Even my skeptical views open up a bit for the chance that some of these things do actually come to fruition. Go get'em Evie!!