Tuesday, May 26, 2009

i am the stupidest smart person i know...

growing up my mother used to tell me that i was the stupidest smart person she knew.
she's absolutely right and times like tonight validate her theory. what she means by this is that i am extremely intelligent, but with certain things, i lose ALL remnants of common sense. i go dumb.

then there's tonight...

i have a side gig teaching adults and tonight was the going away party for the teacher i am replacing. there was a buffet worth of homemade Japanese food, drinks i couldn't partake in due to driving, and great conversation. i'm very much looking forward to taking over this adult class. the students are awesome (and probably now think their new teacher is an idiot).

i went to the school a few weeks back, with Nate, to meet the owner and see if he thought i'd fit in there.
one thing you must note about Japan is that there is no public parking. spots are numbered and accounted for nearly everywhere you go. it's a bitch to deal with but it's true. one of Nate's students owns a lot and allows teachers and students to park there for free. awesome of her.

so today i arrived on my own, parked, and enjoyed the class. as i'm leaving, over an hour later than i anticipated, i notice my car is fucking gone! GONE! not only gone, but someone else's car is in the exact spot that i left my car in.

i call Megan, "You aren't going to believe this, my car got towed." while Megan is put on standby wondering if she is going to have to drive from niitsu to pick my sorry ass up, i am blowing Nate's phone to bits. voicemail after voicemail. but i have to admit, i'm calm as hell. it doesn't make sense. they don't steal cars in this country. i've also left my car at the train stations overnight and never had it towed. i was calm because all the pieces didn't fit.

i go back to the school, proceed to be the party pooper, and tell them i got towed.

to a chorus of "EHHH?" (only if you live in japan and know japanese people will you really understand how funny that sound truly is).

yes "Eh!" Now wtf?

Marco appears like Superman and immediately is like let's go. him, the owner of the school, and two of my future students come with. there's talks of calling the for real? am i really going through this at 10pm, while exhausted from first graders grabbing my boobs today?

i finally get Nate on the phone. poor guy now feels like the real asshole of the situation considering he gave me the go ahead weeks ago.

so my calm is starting to break, slightly. we start scaling the supermarket parking lot nearby and find NADA! while i'm talking to Nate, Marco disappears into the night and starts yelling for stats on my car. i answer.

"we found it!"

my damn car was a parking lot down, on the same street, in the exact spot i left it in.
the lots, which are nothing more than rocks, grass, and open area, were fucking identical.

apparently the only think that got towed tonight was my brain. time for bed. i really took the 'L' on this one.



Jillian said...

nice work..

i totally understand the EHH LOL and heard it loud and clear in my head hahahahaha..ooh how i miss the little things some times LOL

sad thing is you genuinely felt your car was least you give them something to remember you by! hahahaha

NightFall914 said...

No one makes an impression like Ms. Robinson.